See Glossy Pictures Of Delectable 51 Year Old Jennifer Lopez, Her Awards & Love Life Relationships (pics)

Jennifer Lynn Lopez also known as J.lo,’La Guittara’ meaning (guitar) a name given to her because of her figure. She was born on the 24th of July 1969. She is known around the world for dancing,acting and singing coming out best in all with no exemptions.

She dropped out of school to pursue her career and had to leave mum and dad to Manhattan to become what she is today. Her story would have been a beautiful one if not for her soar relationships having divorced 5 times but currently in her sixth relationship see photos below.

She clocks 51 years recently but her looks ,physique is younger and more radiant than ladies in their 40’s checkout picture

Her net worth is $400 million as of 2019


1. In 1998, She Earned the ‘Golden globe award for best actress’

2. In 2000, She was nominated for Grammy award

3. In 2003, She had the first record in the Guinness world book of a remix to top the billboard.

4. In 2012, She earned the most viewed female video of all times

5. In 2013, She earned ‘Star on Hollywood hall of fame’

5. In 2019, She won the Telemunodo award

6. In 2018, She received the MTV base Micheal Jackson vanguard award.

Relationship and personal life

These are men who were given the chance to rock with the ever amazing but they failed to roll for a long. Each of them found it hard to last for more than 3years see their photos

1.Ojani Noa and J.LO in 1997

2. Chris Judd and J.lo in 2001

3. Ben Affleck and J.lo from 2002 – 2004

4. Marc Anthoni and J.lo from 2008 – 2012

5. Casper Smart and J.lo from 2012- 2014

6. Alex Rodriguez and J.lo from 2017 to date


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