How Mark Zuckerberg Left Harvard In 2005 Without A Degree & Later Return To Receive Another Degree

Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Powerful Speech at Harvard Commencement ...

It’s no longer news that Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Facebook became a billionaire in dollars without his Harvard University Certificate. However, what most people don’t know is that Zuckerberg returned 12 years after he dropped out of Harvard to focus on building Facebook which he launched in 2004 from his dormitory room to receive a higher degree.

Zuckerberg who comes from a highly educated family has always said that till now, his getting into Harvard is the most thing his parents are proud of about him. You can imagine their disappointment when their only son chose to drop school.

But, on March 25th 2017, he was able to fulfill the promise he made to his mother that he was going to come back for his Degree .

This promise was fulfilled at the 366th Harvard Commencement Day where Zuckerberg was invited to deliver the commencement speech to the Harvard University graduating Class of 2017. He was awarded with a Honorary degree by the university.

His parents couldn’t hide their joy as they were also present at the ceremony where Zuckerberg delivered a powerful emotional speech.

Going down memory lane on his time at Harvard, Zuckerberg shared some of his life story.

He told his audience how he was late to his first lecture in school “computer 121” and in his haste, he wore his T-shirt inside out and nobody would speak to him in class except one guy – KX Jin, who is now a big part of Facebook. He later realized why .

– He also said that Harvard is a blessing to him because that’s where he met his wife Priscilla, who is the most important person in his life.

– He disclosed that his hardest time in leading Facebook was in 2006, at the age of 22 when big companies wanted to buy Facebook but he didn’t want to sell and people told him he was going to regret his decision.

He encouraged the graduands to persist and believe in themselves, they should never be afraid of making mistakes and also told them the need to have a higher purpose and create an environment that allows for equality for everyone to achieve his purpose.

In concluding his speech, he said to the class of 2017, ” I hope you find the courage to make your lives a blessing “.

What do you think about billionaires without a university certificate? Do you believe that university education is necessary? Does education means success?

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