This Is Why Michael Jackson’s Children Look White, They Are Actually His Biological Children (in depth details & pics)


Many question the paternity of Michael Jackson’s children if not all three kids, they question the maternity of the first two kids he had with Debbie Rowe because of the skin color of his children. This article will be explaining how Michael’s kids could have white skin color, have blue eyes, and still be very much related to the King of Pop.

First, it is important that Michael Jackson although he’s married the mother of his first to kids, he only did that to spite his first wife, Lisa Marie Presley who openly said in an interview that they were still together four years after they got divorced around which time Michael’s firstborn, Prince was conceived. This means that Michael probably only got together with Debbie Rowe (Mother of his first two kids) to have kids. In an interview, Michael stated that he wanted kids with Lisa Marie. However, she wasn’t interested in having kids and this led to a rift between them.

While contesting for full custody of her kids, Debbie Rowe mentioned that she and Michael never actually had sexual intercourse to have his first two kids. Although the two were married, she had to go to the “Office” (Medical clinic) and get artificially inseminated which means Michael wasn’t exactly interested in affection with Debbie all he wanted was kids. So there is no point getting into such an elaborate skim just to have another man’s kids. From the looks of things, all Michael had to do was donate his Sperm which seems pretty easy considering that he was an active man who knew he could have kids. Though Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Prince and Paris Jackson, his third child Blanket was from surrogacy and the identity of the surrogate is unknown.

So if these kids are his how come they have white skin color?

Blanket is the only one who looks like Michael and even he has a white skin color. The issue of biracial kids is on that varies from family to family. A look at some of the Jackson’s kids will convince you that a black family who has associated a long time with white people can produce white-looking kids. This can be seen from some of Michael’s nephews and grandnephews. Not to look far, Michael’s sister Janet had a son recently and he looks as though he is a white Kid just as Blanket, Paris, and prince look.

Let’s also consider Meghan Markle, her skin color, and features. Should we say she is adopted because she looks white? Many who question the paternity of Michael’s children never fully consider the idea of biracial kids like Rasheeda Jones who look completely white. A side by side picture of Rasheeda and Paris, their skin color looks exactly the same. So what makes Rasheeda Jones who is biracial more black than Paris Jackson who is also Biracial.

It’s actually perfectly normal for biracial children to look as though they are 100 percent Caucasians. Here are some examples:

Lina Horn- African American

Mariah Carey- African American.

Joline Ivy -African American.

Let’s look at pictures of Michael’s kids and one would find that his first son prince has Vitiligo the same disease that tampered with Michael’s skin color. It’s no coincidence that Vitiligo is inheritable.

Michael’s kids actually look like him and some of the members of his family. Blanket, his last son is the only one who doesn’t need comparisons as he looks very much like Michael.

Paris looks like Michael’s sister, Latoya at a young age

Prince looks like Michael’s grandfather, Samuel Jackson.

It is important to know that Michael’s grandmother, (Joe Jackson’s mother is white) and a maternal grandfather who had a biracial mother and biracial father. His maternal grandmother is Indian and paternal grandfather is also almost pure Indian. Michael’s father had light eyes and light you can imagine what children from this ancestry would look like especially when they themselves are also biracial. 

It is simply impossible to have black or normal looking Biracial children when he himself has such mixed roots. The combination of Debbie Rowe’s white gene and white gene from Michael’s gene pool makes his children more white than black.

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