See The Voting By Housemates That Puts Up Kiddwaya, Trickytee, Laycon, Nengi, Vee & Lucy For Eviction (pics)

The house experienced a triple eviction where Tolanibaj, Wathoni and Brighto left the big brother Naija house. This was shocking to the housemates because Tolanibaj and Brighto have never been called as bottom four housemates with the least votes.

The previous weeks, housemates will play the head of house game, whoever wins will pick a deputy and both will be immune from possible eviction.

This week the dynamics changed, as the nomination process went back to the usual process, which viewers were familiar with from the previous seasons of big brother, where housemates will be called to the diary room to nominate two housemates that will be up for possible eviction.

After the head of house challenge, Bigbrother called the housemates into the diary room to nominate two housemates for possible eviction on Sunday.

Below is the nomination process

Prince – Nengi and Ozo

Erica – Laycon and Vee

Laycon – Trikytee and Lucy

Kiddwaya – Lucy and Trikytee

Dorathy – Vee and Laycon

Ozo – Kiddwaya and Lucy

Nengi – Lucy and Laycon

Lucy – Nengi and Trikytee

Trikytee – Lucy and Laycon

Vee – Trikytee and Dorathy

Neo – Kiddwaya and Lucy

Trikytee, Laycon, Lucy, Vee, Nengi and Kiddwaya had the highest nominations, therefore will be up for possible eviction on Sunday.

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