See Facial Expressions Of Vee When Laycon Hugs Kemi SmallzZ That Got Fans Talking

Finally Laycon get to meet his crush that he kept talking about when he was still in the big brother house.

Today he finally had the opportunity to see her in person as he visited the radio station for his media tour. The talking point wasn’t that Laycon met with his most talked about celebrity crush, the talking point is Vee facial expression when Laycon hugged Kemi SmallzZ.

Vee expression was more like is this not the girl! What’s now so special about this small girl that Laycon keeps shouting about.

I capture the moment on picture and I’m still trying to find interpretations to this Vee’s look.

A fan wrote Vee can’t just form for one secs she will show you instantly.

Another fan wrote this Vee looks means what is it why is this one forming for us.

Check out the facial expression below and give it your caption.

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