US Election 2020: See The 3 Embarrassing Moments That Rocked This Election (pics)

Today is another spectacular day in the history of the United State of America as the people all over the world are eager to know the Presidential Candidate that will take and control the wheel of the US for the next four years. The hard fought political contest that is yet to be over is between the Republican candidate, President Donald Trump and the Democratic challenger, Joe Biden

The build up to today’s election has been controversial,acrimonious and tension soaked as the two political gladiators are engaged in political brickbats

From the election released so far, Joe Biden has slight edge over Donald Trump. Trump that appears to be on loosing side after his initial edge over his challenger have been complaining that votes by mail have been tampered with, threatening to go to Supreme Court to stop the counting.

This is a turning point in US election.

Both have been justifying their positions , hence becoming a serious embarassment to an established democracy of more than 250 years.

We highlight at least three embarrasing moments that is rocking US Presidential Election 2020

1. Donald Trump’s allegation of Vote Stealing.

The US President Donald Trump is accusing his opponent, Joe Biden of electoral malpractices in the Tuesday presidential election.

According to the Republican candidate, he said that his opponents are casting votes after polls are closed.

He said further that it is improper for votes to be cast after the poll is closed.

Don’t forget that the last few months, Donald Trump claimed that mail-in ballots are vulnerable to mass fraud and are being encouraged by Democrats to rig the election.

2. Joe Biden Campaign team Slammed Donald Trump as they refused the stoppage of Vote Counting.

Joe Biden’s White House campaign slammed President Donald Trump’s threat to try to stop the election vote count as “ outrageous ” early today, saying its legal team was ready to prevent such an “ unprecedented ”

The campaign manager Jen O ’Malley Dillon said in a statement as the election remained undecided that never before in history has a president of the United States sought to strip Americans of their voice in a national election. 

Biden and his campaign manager

Donald Trump demanded that vote counting should be stopped shortly after he delivered an extraordinary speech from the White House.

3. Donald Trump set to head to the Supreme Court

President Donald Trump today claimed that he had won the US election, despite the final results not yet being given, and said he would go to the Supreme Court to dispute the counting of votes.

He made this statement in a speech that he delivered from the ceremonial East Room of the White House.

Donald Trump demanded that the law should be used properly to avoid any fraud that could be used in the course of voting during the election.

Don’t forget that a few months ago, Donald Trump has said that he refused to guarantee whether he will transfer power if he loses in the election that will hold this year in November.

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