“You Are Not Having Affair With Only Adams Oshiomhole… Dem Plenty”, Instagram Blogger Gislover Exposes Omotola Ekeinde’s Escapade (pics)

Blog replies Omotola Jalade

Barely minutes after Omotola Ekeinde responded to Gist Lover’s claim on her affair with politician Adams Oshiomhole, a new revelation has come up!

It all started days ago when @Gistlover accused the mother of 4 of having an affair with the politician.

Reacting to this, the 42 year old actress wrote on Instagram;


“I ordinarily don’t do this but after thinking about it thoroughly and seeking advice I have decided to!
So.this Blog ran this story and people started coming to my page. I’ve always known there are people who are sick and will tell you stories that have Never happened but to publish that on a platform as big as Instagram? You must be held accountable ….

*** I have demanded they FINISH and PROVE THIS STORY … problem is, this blog is hiding under anonymity! ( faceless blogging ) There are more credible blogs out there … follow blogs with accountability.

Can everyone who loves me and what i have stood for all these years pls….report this page

And to those of you are addicted to cheap gossip. If you’re not interested in damaging ppl unnecessarily then demand proof of this Story! I’m giving this 24hrs! Thanks.”

Interestingly, the blog has now responded with even more revelations about how Omotola Ekeinde is not only seeing Adams Oshiomhole but also how her husband, Captain Ekeinde is not innocent as well.

Gistlover came out smoking

Sending out pictures of more men via a backup page as the original page seem to be taken down, the blog accused Omotola Jalade of having affairs asked the actress to tell th public who gave her her nickname, Omosexy.
“My Dear Omotola we will kindly finish what we started boo, Motivational speaker of life🤣🤣🤣it’s not only Oshiomole Aunty Omotee, Tchidi that made you fight with Genevieve then dey the list (some of the industry people know about this low key)🙄🙄them plenty for the list.


“Who gave you that name Omosexy?Talk am make we hear my darling Omotee🏹🏹🏹. Even your husband can’t deny he doesn’t know some of your shit. Saint online, something else beneath closed doors. Let me compile my list finish, if you can swear say I dey lie🤣🤣🤣

“Well I don’t base my journalism on assumptions. If I no see something I no dey write. Naso Ehi deny Oluomo so tey they arrested Kemi Ashefon for lifting the story on my blog🤣🤣🤣see it now, it’s everywhere and obvious they are nacking, I pass hear say blog,so take several seats mama❤️❤️❤️Selah”,  the blog wrote.




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