Eulogy For LKJ: What “Baba Kekere” Did Not Give Us

Jakande did not give us Baba loja
Jakande did not give us Iya loja
Jakande did not give us MC Olumo
Jakande did not take MC Olumo to Osun State during any election
Jakande did not give us a bloody toll gate, where his son becomes a demigod.
Jakande did not bring to his home, bullion vans
Jakande did not turn a State to his own affairs
Jakande did not impose on the people of Lagos State
Jakande did not turn Lagos State to his own property

Egbe Olorun tobi! Allahu Akbar!
Egbe Olorun tobi le kan si, Allahu Akbar!

Esoro soke e.. Allahu Akbar!!!

Jakande was an epitome of heaven. He was a genteel soul; he was ever fraught with noble cause; he was a self made man without any shade of nepotism and impunity. He was a phenomenon, he was a great Juggernaut, he was a conquistadors of a Nation.

He gave us University, he gave us affordable houses to live; he gave us affordable education; he gave us peace of mind, he gave us yellow bus, he gave us roads, he gave us affordable markets, he made his name in gold and not in bullions of criminality, he was not a pretender of democracy; he was not in the set of ‘lori iro’. He was not an oxymoron leader, ‘cruel kindness’ like what some gullible Nigerians are celebrating.
He was like a prairie grass among his contemporary. He was not a ‘jibiti’ man like that man.

Oh! For a brief epoch he graced the temporal life on earth. He lived to the fullest, and left a lifetime impact on his glaring path.
Oh! He was a sincere reformer! Sincerely, we have lost a great man!

Till eternity, Jakande’s name will continue to ring bell in almost every bus stop of Lagos State. He was not an associate of thuggery like them.

And so I pray, as the prairie grass in the spring are ever-green, may you find rest in God’s beautiful garden, Baba.

Oh! We have lost a gem and not a greedy fellow; casting covetous on his neighbour’s friend.

Oh! We have lost a connoisseur of a fine wine and politics, not a grasping commercialism, greedy for money, land, power and fierce devouring affection and vanity.
Oh! We have lost a genuine leader, not a tricky dick; not a crafty politicians as William Shakespeare’s told us in Hamlet about a crafty Claudius.

Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay; The worst is death and death will have his day. Eyes, look your last.

Fare thee well, Baba!
Fare thee well a titan of a genuine democracy.
May your soul not only rest in peace, but dwells in heavenly home. Until we meet to part no more.
Sun re o.

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