Tinubu’s Dilemma, Sunday Igboho’s Intervention & Emerging Power Bloc


By Muyiwa Olayinka

There is no doubt that Tinubu is a force to reckon with in Nigeria’s politics. He’s a political juggernaut. He has supported and nominated many individuals that have performed creditably, they have visible and noticeable achievements to show for their nominations.

The list is replete with notable individuals like Babatunde Fashola, Akinwumi Ambode, Rauf Aregbesola, Wale Edun, Babatunde Fowler to mention a few. But his open support for Buhari in 2015 will continue to haunt him, he did that for his selfish ambition and not for the interests and well being of Yoruba.

I don’t see anything wrong in having ambition but when ambition becomes a conflict of interests and injurious to the people you claim to be protecting, it becomes a problem. When you can cheaply sacrifice your people just because you want to rule Nigeria, it becomes an intractable problem. A serious problem for that matter.

Nature abhors vacuum.

When Tinubu kept quiet and pretended to hear or see no evil, the acclaimed common thug (Sunday Igboho) had to fill the void. When a leader that is expected to rise up and protect his people from the mauraders of fulani herdsmen in South west but retorted “where are the cows”, another leader in the mould of a common thug will step in and say enough is enough.
In the bible, Jesus said if a man that God created in His image refused to praise Him, He will raise stones to take the place of man. God is currently using Sunday Igboho to deliver His people from the jaws and claws of the killing machines of Fulani herdsmen in the South west.

And if Sunday Igboho decides to tread on a path of self destruct, God can use this Muyiwa or anybody that is available to deliver His people. After all, God used a stammerer Moses to deliver His people from the land of Egypt.

I have argued that God has never left Yoruba without a leader. Leaders in Yoruba land emerge by circumstances. Tinubu emerged in 2003 to stop Obasanjo and PDP from foisting a one party system on South west and Nigeria.
To me, Tinubu has fulfilled his “usefulness” and he’s currently treading on the path of self destruct because over time he has become arrogant, selfish, complacent, corrupt and thinking he’s invisible and untouchable. He was riding on this ‘Mr Know it all’ mentality, little did he know he had been sidelined from the beginning in the day to day running affairs of the ruling party APC, he formed to become a successful winning machine.

He was content with the appellation of a “national leader” that has no executive power. He has forgotten that according to the structure and organogram of the party, Buhari remains the only national leader.. Buhari jocularly made reference to this in one of the executive meetings that the party cannot have two national leaders. Jagaban did not get the drift and the import of the joke but as the event is currently playing out, Tinubu has become exposed, a fish out of water.

Buhari and the cabals recognised an illegal chairman of the party, Giadom against the duly recognised chairman Adams Oshiomhole. With the recognition of the illegal chairman, Tinubu’s man, Oshiomhole was sidelined and removed from office, he was not part of the NEC meeting to fight for Jagaban, and when deliberations were made at the NEC meeting Tinubu was not invited because he was not a member.

See how the master strategist had fallen like a pack of cards or as a neophyte politician

NEC went ahead to set up a caretaker committee which is alien to the party’s constitution, Tinubu could not go to court because he was part of the executives that laid a bad precedent that any member that dragged the party to court will be expelled.

See Jagaban’s dilemma?

He had to keep quiet in order not to be expelled from a party he created. Ooh what a pity?

The illegal caretaker was given an extension of 6 months to complete the political decimation of Tinubu.The next step is to call for new registration of members of the ruling party. It is a final screw to bury Jagaban and his gang politically.


It is a ploy to render useless the existing 2014 register the party had been using long before Buhari and his CPC gang joined the party.It is to keep Tinubu’s perceived manipulation of figures in check during upcoming elections. Jagaban and his ring leaders (Bisi Akande and Adams Oshiomhole) cried blue murder but their cries fell on deaf ears.

They had to join others to register or else they will cease to be members of a party they toiled day and night to form. Tinubu and his ring leaders need to be careful, or else they are going to face political persecutions from the appointment of youthful Abdulrasheed Bawa as EFCC chairman. It is not a coincidence that Bawa is from Kebbi like the Attorney General of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami.

Malami is one of the emerging new power brokers in Buhari’s government, he too has political ambitions and he’s ready to crush any stumbling block on his path, Tinubu inclusive.
It is not a coincidence that he wants Buhari to scrap Professor Itse Sagay’s Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAP). Malami’s sinister plan is alive due to Buhari’s intransigence and weakness.

I’m sure Tinubu will be licking his wounds in silence for supporting Buhari in 2015. But he should be reminded that empire rises, empire falls.
Eni kan kii je ki ilu fe. It means if a man is in total control of a community, the growth of the community will be slow.

Tinubu’s domination of Lagos politics and the south west for too long has stalled and stifled progress in recent times. The law of diminishing return has set in. He has played his part, letting another Yoruba leader emerge to take us to the next level. And if Tinubu refuses to face the obvious reality, I pray he will not end up like ex governor of Lagos state, Alhaji Lateef Jakande who became inconsequential in Lagos politics. Or does he want to become a political dinosaur?

History has a way of repeating itself.

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