“My Brother Was Killed, You’re Dead Barry Jhay”, Close Associate Of Karshy Gordon Threatens (pics)


The developing story is that Nigerian singer Barry Jhay, his boss and label owner, Karshy Gordon had a fight in Ghana but later he was found dead after Gordon reportedly fell from a balcony. It was stated Gordon committed suicide. However Ghanaian police had arrested Barry Jhay.

There is a twist to the story

A man named Rina, who is a friend and brother of Karshy Gordon has offered some perspective. On his leaked WhatsApp story. He wrote that, “My brother gave you his Benz worthy nine million naira. He gave you his Hublot worth 15 million Naira. You’re dead, Barry Jhay.

On another slide, he also wrote that, “He was putting on his shoes and some blogs and idiots are saying that he committed suicide. My brother was killed!”


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