Colorado Shooting: See The Picture Of The Suspected Shooter That Killed 10 Victims (pics)

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The suspect, Ahmad Ali Alissa

The gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa.

Alissa was born in Syria and moved to the US when he was three. He now lives in Arvada, Colorado, around 30 miles from the grocery store he targeted on Monday.

At 2.40pm, he opened fire on King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, killing ten people. He was taken into at 3.28pm and was transported to the hospital to be treated for a leg wound.

Alissa is now in a stable condition and has been charged with ten counts of murder but his motive remains unknown.

In Facebook posts over the last 18 months, he complained about not having a girlfriend and ranted about President Trump.

His brother confirmed he was the shooter in an interview with The Daily Beast on Monday, saying he was ‘paranoid’ and ‘very antisocial’.

The brother said he believes his brother is mentally ill, and described how he was convinced people were ‘after him’ in high school.

Ahmad Alissa, the 21-year-old gunman from Monday’s shooting at a Colorado grocery store. He is shown in an old Facebook photograph with wrestling medals across his neck

It’s unclear why he unleashed terror on the supermarket or whether the gun he was using – described by witnesses as an AR-15 – was legally purchased.

An injured man is shown being arrested at the store after the shooting on Monday. Police won’t confirm yet that this is the shooter Ahmad Alissa but he was taken to the hospital with a leg injury – where he remains

Police have still not yet confirmed that he was the man who was seen being led out of the grocery store in handcuffs, bleeding from the leg, but they did say he was shot in the leg in a standoff with police.

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