“Southern Governors Must Provide A Place For Fulanis To Graze Their Cattle”, Prof Usman Yusuf

In an interview with a popular television channel AIT, professor Usman Yusuf a spokesman for the Fulani spoke saying that southern governors must grant the Fulani’s places for them to graze freely with their cattles. He insisted that was the way peace could be fully restored to southern states. He made the disclosure in an interview with Africa’s independent television.

He said that the Fulani’s want a place of their own in every state to be able to move freely with their herds without restrictions, to enable them feed their herds as they move about and that southern governors should enable the open grazing for Fulani’s to graze with their cattles.

The interview that was carried out yesterday on the popular news station in the early hours of yesterday has had made reactions from Nigerians, especially for the fact that the professor was insistent that southern governors should grant open grazing for his people so they can openly graze with their herds.

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