Watch The Moment A Car Is Swallowed Up By Sinkhole After Heavy Rain in Mumbai (video)


A combination of bad weather and failing infrastructure left one car owner in India with a horrible day.

This weekend, a video started to go viral on social media showing a Hyundai Venue slowly sinking into a sinkhole that appeared after heavy rain in the Mumbai area.

The 67-year-old doctor, Dr. Kiran Doshi, was told that his car was sinking into the ground by a man who washes the vehicles in the complex and Doshi decided to record the incident while waiting for police to arrive. When the authorities got there, they discovered that the parking lot was built on an old well that somehow caused the sinkhole due to the rainy weather.

Officials had to pump water out of the sinkhole, locate the car under the parking lot, and then pull the Hyundai out of the well.

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