Sad!!! Watch The Mother Of 14 Year Old Jumoke Killed At Ojota Yoruba Nation Protest, Wailing & Mourning (video)


The peaceful protest of Yoruba nation was concluded on a sad note when 14 year old girl was killed in a gruesome manner from bullets from an un identified police operative

A yoghurt seller, identified simply as Jumoke, was killed by bullets reportedly fired by a security operative dispersing Yoruba Nation agitators at Ojota, Lagos State.

The bullet ripped open the victim’s stomach. She was reportedly displaying drinks at a shop when the bullet hit her.

Her body was covered with a piece of cloth and displayed by some of the residents before it was eventually taken away. Lagos state police spokesman person denied the killing, saying that no live bullets were used ti disperse protesters .

However the mother of Jumoke is seen wailing over the loss of her daughter.

Watch the video below:

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