Meet The Fokken Twins, Louise & Martine Amsterdam’s Oldest Prostitutes That Retired At 70 After Having S*x With 355,000 Men (pics)


Twin sisters believed to be Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes have retired after more than 50 years each in the s*x trade.

Louise and Martine Fokkens, 70, have finally decided they are too old for the business after claiming to have slept with 355,000 men between them in a combined 100-year career. Both women – who usually dress in identical red clothes – became prostitutes before the age of 20 to survive financially after escaping violent relationships.

Louise, a mother of four, has said her arthritis now makes some sexual positions ‘too painful’.

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Amsterdam is known for its infamous Red Light District, where you can get pretty much any of your wildest desires taken care of.

And while the s*x workers there often have multiple customers a day, no one has been doing it longer than the district’s oldest team.

Twin sisters Louise and Martine Fokken have more than a century of experience between them.

They were given the title of the District’s ‘oldest window girls’ back in 2012 before their retirement.

The siblings have even had a documentary made about them called Meet the Fokkens, as well as a book all about their incredible lives.

Speaking to The Guardian, Louise explained how she got into the s*x industry.

She said: “I was beaten on to the streets by my husband in my early 20s.

He told me unless I earned money for him he would leave me, and I had children and loved him, so I had to do it.”

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Meanwhile, Martine was giving birth to her first child when she was told her twin sister was working in the famous windows.

She didn’t realise Louise was struggling for money, so she offered to help.

Louise added: “Later on they needed a cleaner in the brothel and Martine took the job and the men asked her for business.

“So we started doing threesomes, and that was how we ended up working in the same house [window brothel] together.”

The sisters said it was much easier being in the s*x industry together because they could keep each other safe.

Martine spoke of one experience to the BBC, when she told a client to take off his clothes and suspected something was up.

It wasn’t until she felt under the pillow that she discovered he had hidden a massive knife.

Meet the Fokkens: Amsterdam's septuagenarian Jewish prostitutes | The Times  of Israel

Talking about how they kept their clients interests, Martine said she decided to specialise in bondage for older men and targeted those who have a penchant for pain with pleasure.

“We know the tricks, we know what they want. We know how to talk to them and we know how to make them laugh too,” she told the BBC.

The duo say they don’t have many regrets in their life and have fond memories of their career in the s*x industry.

They are both now retired, with Louise throwing in the towel first due to arthritis. Martine then followed not long after.

Louise told the Guardian that the industry hasn’t become better as time has rolled on though.

“The whole family used to live off your earnings and now the tax office comes up with crazy amounts you have to pay,” she said.

“It is better for the pimps and the foreigners, but not the Dutch girls. The vultures came in 2000. Organised criminals.”

Martine added to the BBC: “The boys are different now, they drink too much, they’re fat and they don’t respect you. They should be on their bikes like Dutch boys, not just drinking all the time.”

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