Why Bear Yoruba Name Rotimi, Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Chibuike Amechi has revealed why he was granted a Yoruba name despite having Igbo names. This was shared by the current Minister of Transportation to dispel any lingering suspicions about his controversial name. He attributed the added Yoruba name to his father’s desire for him to be like a Yoruba lawyer he respected. 

“A Yoruba lawyer, was a favorite of my father’s. He wished for me to be like him, the astute lawyer. My name is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, and I speak exclusively Igbo and Yoruba. I adopted the Yoruba name in honor of the lawyer, but my real names are Chibuike Amaechi.”

He also claimed to be an Igbo guy before the National Assembly. He stated that he will not allow anyone to take away his Igbo ancestry. Only those who wish to be sectional will claim that he is not Igbo, he added. 

“My ethnicity is igbo. Please don’t try to deny me my Igbo ancestry, birthright, or heritage! Unless you want to be sectarian and exclude the Igbos.” 

“I have made it plain to the National Assembly that I, Chibuike Amaechi of Ikwerre, am an Igbo man on numerous occasions. Igbo is our ethnic group “, he expressed his thoughts. 

Joe Igbokwe, a well-known Nigerian politician, shared the above facts with the public.

He is a member of Nigeria’s ruling party, the APC (APC). He is a staunch supporter of the APC and promotes it on all of his social media platforms. 

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