How Notorious Benue Serial Killer Azonto Was Captured By Nigerian Military (pics)

Kefas Aondofa (popularly known as Azonto) was recently arrested by officers of the Nigerian army. Nigerian journalist Babajide Otitoju narrated how Azonto’s boss (and relative) was also neutralized by the army.

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The Nigerian army has emphasized that it is not relenting in ensuring the protection and safety of Nigerians. Recently, the army has conducted exercises that have led to the arrest and of suspected criminals terrorizing various parts of the country.

You may have heard that the most wanted killer in Benue State, Azonto, has been arrested by the Nigerian army during an operation. Babajide Otitoju has since shared more details of how Azonto was arrested.

Narrating the story, Babajide said, “Azonto is related to the late Terwase Agwaza (popularly known as Gana). Gana was the leader of a group in Benue state, and his group killed civilians and security officers. There were unsuccessful efforts to arrest Gana over the years. Eventually, Gana received amnesty from the Benue state government, but he went back to his life of crime and killings after the amnesty. Again, Gana was offered another amnesty after Ex-governor Gabriel Suswam appealed to the governor of Benue state.”

Narrating further, Babajide added, “A reception was held in Katsina-Ala stadium to celebrate the second amnesty offered to Gana. Traditional rulers and politicians attended the event. Gana was killed after the reception. He was travelling to the Benue State Government House when he was arrested and killed by security officers. Gana’s men were also arrested in the process. Gana’s death angered Azonto with other gang members. They went on a killing spree. Sometimes they would attack markets and slaughter people on market days. There was a day they killed 36 people. Eventually, the gang killed Ex-Governor Suswam’s elder brother. Gana killed many security officers.”

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Explaining how Azonto was arrested, Babajide said, “You may recall that Operation Whirl Stroke extends to places like Taraba. Taraba and Benue are close. Azonto lodged in a hotel in Jalingo, alongside four men and two girls. He sent two of his men on an errand, but they were captured by the Army officers that had been on their trail. The arrested suspects led the army to the hotel where Azonto and others occupied. The army encircled the hotel and apprehended the suspects. One of the girls escaped.”

Babajide commended the efforts of the Nigerian army.

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