Why Five Davido’s Aides Died In Four Years (pics)

David Adeleke, popuarly known as Davido, has lost five of his crew members in the last four years. The latest is his photographer, Fortune, who died recently.

The singer has been in the eye of the storm due to the trail of deaths involving his crew members and close associates.

Here is a list of Davido’s crew members that have died in four years:

1. Fortunate Ateumunname Peter, popularly known as Fortune, was the Davido Music World (DMW) chief official photographer. He died in September 2021.

The photographer is the fifth member of Davido’s crew to pass away in four years in a controversial circumstance.

2. Uthman, also known as Obama DMW, died in June 2021. He was said to have complained of breathing difficulty.

3. Tagbo Umeike, died in his car parked in front of Lagos Island General Hospital.

He died on his birthday in 2017 after it was reported that he downed shots of tequila.

4. Olu Abiodun, also known as DJ Olu also died.

5. Tijani Olamilekan, aka Teejay, who has been the singer’s personal bodyguard for 11 years, also died after a brief illness in December 2020.

A quick check on how they died:

Fortunate Ateumunname Peter the celebrity photographer, who was 24 years old, drowned at a photo-shoot location in Lagos

Uthman, also known as Obama DMW died from suspected heart failure.

Tagbo Umeike died in 2017 from excessive alcohol consumption.

Olu Abiodun died with Tagbo Umeike in the same car. Police recovered substances suspected to be hard drugs at the scene.

Tijani Olamilekan was also reported to have died after a brief illness.

The details surrounding the death of Fortune are still sketchy but he too died suddenly. There is a thin line that runs across all these sudden deaths.

Some say Davido dey use their stars, that is why most of them are dying so soon. But hey let us pause for a moment and be real. Everything no be juju… abeg.

Are we really sure high consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol by these young Nigerian men not a contributor?

Davido has to watch his back with all these avoidable deaths by scaling down on consumption of alcohols and probably the use of illicit drugs to get “high”. Not too long ago, there was a prophecy that he would be poisoned to death. It is not about prophecy but to scale down on the consumption of these “poisons”,

The rate at which many young Nigerians are hooked on illicit drugs is worrisome and becoming alarming.

It is about time these young lads are taught how to manage success.

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