Why Female Military Officer Viola Anele Dehumanised & Disgraced Me, Female NYSC Member In The Viral Video Reveals (pics)

Update: Corper Who Was Assaulted By Female Soldier Forced To Leave Cross  River | Naija News

A serving corps member of the National Youth Service Corps, Ezeiruaku Fidelia, has narrated her experience with a female commissioned army officer, Lieutenant Chika Viola Anele.

THE WHISTLER, had a fortnight ago reported about the female Corp member who was humiliated by the army officer.

In a recent video shared by BBC Pidgin, seen by THE WHISTLER, the corps member said she has always been humiliated by the military woman for no just reason.

She also explained the misunderstanding that led to the humiliation captured in the viral video.

Fidelia said: “The issue started when the Commander of the brigade at Army barracks hosted a competition so I was selected as an usher for guests.

“When I got there, I saw one of my friends, an officer that I played Ayo game with. As I was greeting him, Lieutenant Chika Anele came and shouted at me that I could not touch an officer who is in army uniform. As she said that to me, I drew back and returned to my duty post.

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“On July 28, a message was sent via WhatsApp, Lieutenant Chika invited corps members to a meeting. I didn’t see the message initially but I went to the meeting and when I got there, she brought me out and said it was because of me she called the meeting and asked me to go and wear my NYSC uniform.

“When I got to my room, I saw that I was already menstruating and I needed to clean up so I could dress properly. As I was having my bath, she sent someone to come and check what I was doing, the person told her I was bathing.

“She called all the corps members and asked some to fetch water in a bucket and she took me to the backyard, back of the corps members’ lodge. She said I should do “press up, frog jump and all.

“As I was doing the frog jump, she asked me to kneel, then asked some corps members to bring stones and asked me to carry them on my head. She said it was when she saw tears dropping from my eyes that she would release me. When I got tired, I dropped the stones.

“She asked them to bring sand. She started pouring it on my body and started cursing me. She said if I didn’t cry, she would not leave me. As she was pouring that on me, my body was already itching because it was dirty water. So, I pulled my jacket, it was remaining my white shirt. As she was doing that, my body itched more and I decided to pull my brassiere. She rained insults on me the more.”

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