“My Life Changed After My Husband’s Mistress Sent Me Photos Of Them In Bed” Woman Shares Her Experience (pics)

My Life Changed After My Husband's Mistress Sent Me Photos of Them in Bed" Woman  Says - NetFlixShows.Net

In a story covered by legendary journalist Monica, a woman identified as Rosemary, narrated her painful ordeal in a marriage in which her husband started cheating on her, and as if that was not enough, her husband’s mistress would send her compromising photos as they engaged in the act. 

Rosemary is now recovering from her past trauma. She is most proud of the fact that she was able to rebuild her business, that her children are now in school, and that she no longer has to worry about meeting her basic requirements. Her company sells plastic and metal bottles that have been recycled.

It was only a matter of time before Rosemary found out she was pregnant after meeting her husband when she was only in jss2. As the child’s father failed to take responsibility for raising the child, Rosemary was forced to drop out of school and work odd jobs to support her and her newborn.

 Rosemary was a single parent to her son, at which point she fell in love with a man who took them in. Things didn’t go as planned, and Rosemary ended up returning home after a tense split with her second husband.

As a result of her husband’s infidelity, she claims she has become a better person and a better role model in society since she works to protect the environment.

Wambai encourages women to work hard because she would rather have a job than anything else, and her husband, Rosemary, has high hopes of finding a husband someday.

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