“Prophet TB Joshua Should Have Been Prosecuted For The Collapse Of Hostel At His Church In 2014, Wole Soyinka

Professor Wole Soyinka has been wondering why Lagos state government has not prosecuted Prophet T B Joshua over the 2014 hostel collapse at his church.

Statistics showed that roughly 116 persons and 84 of them South Africans were murdered in the collapse of SCOAN’s buildings in Lagos, which had been neglected by the Government.

Wole Soyinka, who made this known in Abuja Saturday, in the book he had read and signed on, “The Trumpet in the Academy” and “Happiest People’s Chronicles on earth,” organized by the Bookshop of Rovenheights and the Orisun Gallery.

Wole Soyinka remarked with tremendous courage that the Pastor Joshua, known as the TB, was bold enough to proclaim that the church was attacked by an odd plane despite all their knowledge of the reality.

He noted that Nigeria was so strongly religious that the crimes to be punished normally were considered an act of God that was very wicked.

He also mentioned another plane some years ago, when pilgrims’ plane crashed to Mecca in Nigeria but, instead, they determined that the governments had to take action and look at it, it was Allah’s act and that nobody had been brought to trial.

He said in his statement:

“There are those for whom the call is only a hiding place because of our extraordinary veneration for the priesthood in our country. It does not matter what faith it is, whether Muslim, Christian, worshiper of Orisa, Buddhists, whatever it is.” Somehow, religion is nearly national and thus it doesn’t matter who it is or what it is doing. He can get a lot away. Look at TB Joshua, for example, whose congregation fell in whichever chapel it is in Lagos. Not only the Nigerians, nearly 200 or 300. They arrived from South Africa and so on.

“He is someone who should have been prosecuted with carelessness for failing to comply with the legislation necessary to build public institutions. The next thing he said was, yeah, that was an air force fighter that ran about and buried mankind. Has he been tried until today?

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